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European River Restoration Conference, 27 - 29 October, Vienna

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City of Vienna/Austria

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Water Supply of the City of Vienna/Austria,

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„Water and Energy“,
5 –7 November 2014, Tirana/Albania

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 Monday, 22 September 2014

Events 2014

Meeting of Water Utility
     28-30 October, Vienna

European River
    Restoration Conference

    27-29 October, Vienna

Water & Energy
    5-7 November, Tirana,


Program Opportunities

Asset management
Competitive Grant
Consulting Services for
    Commercial Efficiency

Energy Efficiency


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Danube Water Program - Survey

The current phase of the Danube Water Program ends next year and an extension of the Program has been proposed. In order to evaluate the demand for such an extension and set proper priorities for the Danube Water Program’s future, we invite you to fill out a short survey. The survey aims at gathering your feedback on the Program’s strengths and weaknesses as well as potential priorities in a second phase extension. This feedback will help to ensure that the Program answers the water and wastewater sector's main needs and that future program activities are targeted at existing needs.

The survey will be open until October 15, 2014 only under the following link: DWP-Survey

It should take no more than 10 minutes of your time - please help us make the Program serve you even better! If you would like to discuss your suggestions in more details please contact us at


Utility Benchmarking Program Begins

The European Benchmarking Cooperation (EBC) together the designated regional benchmarking HUBS in Bulgaria, Kosovo, and Serbia have begun the first cycle of Utility Benchmarking under the Danube Water Program.



Danube Water Program Audit Report

The first year audited report of the distribution of financial resources under Component 2 of the Danube Water Program has been prepared and provided a positive judgement of the financial management. The report for 2013, prepared by the audit company KPMG, outlines that the initial distribution of funds in 2013 has begun slowly but proper financial management arrangements are in place and being followed. A much larger portion of  program funding will be spent in 2014 when major elements of the program (i.e competitive grants, asset management and other utility capacity building programs) are fully operational.

-IAWD Audit Report


Violeta Wolff joins DWP Secretariat

Violeta Wolff will join the DWP Secretariat on July 14 in the position of Project Management and Procurement Specialist. Mrs. Wolff has extensive experience in the Water Sector and has for the past 20 years acted as a consultant on numerous water projects for the European Union, EBRD, EIB and others primarily in South East Europe. She will take over the position vacated when Ruy Frank left the program in mid May and will have primary responsibility for the Competitive Grants and Asset Management Program among other responsibilities. IAWD General Secretary expressed his appreciation “that we could find such an experienced and enthusiastic person to join the team” and is confident that Ms Wolff will bring the necessary ingredients to help IAWD and the Danube Water Program in strengthening further its activities.



National Energy Efficiency Workshops in Ukraine, Serbia and Romania 

11 July, Kladova/Serbia and Brasov/Romania
18 July, Kiev/Ukraine

At the workshops the participating utilities will provide an update on their energy audits and get guidance and feedback on the next steps in achieving energy efficiciency plans.




2014 Danube Water Conference,  8-9 May 2014 
  2014 Danube Water Conference Program Final

The 2014 Danube Water Conference on Water Services: From Challenges to Opportunities was organized by the Danube Water Program (IAWD and World Bank) and the Open Regional Fund for Southeast Europe (GIZ) with funding from the Austrian, German and Swiss Governments.


The Conference brought together more than 120 senior water and sanitation sector representatives from the Danube region to discuss the main challenges facing the sector and the activities underway to address these. Representatives from ministries, regulatory agencies, water utility associations, municipal associations, water and sanitation utility companies, and local governments  shared views, exchange good practices, and developed a common vision of the sector’s challenges and opportunities.

The presentations and fotos can be downloaded here.



Newsletter 01-2014

 Newsletter 01-2014 as PDF (100kb)


MOU Between Open Regional Fund and
Danube Waters Secretariat Signed.

The Open Regional Fund, supported by the German GIZ and Swiss Development Corporation, and IAWD on behalf of the Danube Water Program signed a Memorandum of Understanding on February 18 committing the parties to “achieve maximum synergy and benefit from the activities of the DWP and the ORF/LLSEE programs.”  The MOU identifies how funding of the two programs will be used for creating synergy in building a strong Regional Dialogue Platform and in activities related to Asset Management and Benchmarking.
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DANUBIS Water Platform Online

DANUBIS stands for Danube Utility Benchmarking and Information Sharing. The DANUBIS water platform is an online repository of resources for and about water and sanitation utilities in the Danube region. 

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